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I love it when I see a new, modern, contemporary design sofa. I like this furniture and every day with their new and daring designs even more. But I have to tell the truth, nothing like my sofa. And it is not because it is more beautiful, luxurious or more expensive, but because it is mine, it knows my form, and surely that happens to you all. We are so accustomed to the curves of our sofa that, any other, however beautiful it seems to us, is uncomfortable.

Therefore, preserving properly and in due time renewing and repairing its possible defects, will cause us not to have to get rid of it as we will keep it as new. Let’s see 5 simple ideas to carry out and very cheap to keep our sofa like new.

  1. If the sofa is in good condition but you want to give it another air, we can change the covers for new ones. For very little money, just a few euros, we have covers of all kinds, colors and for all sofas. An inexpensive and simple way to give our beloved sofa a completely renewed look.
  2. Another idea is to renew the cushions that pose on the sofa. Sometimes, however comfortable the sofa, worn cushions do not accompany such comfort and that although does not diminish the desire to lie in it, if it makes it less pleasant, in addition to with some new cushions, we will also give you another new and renovated. And if we choose the right cushions, with the filling to our liking, the comfort will multiply.
  3. If you are not seduced by the idea of ​​putting a case and what you want is to keep it original, you can upholster it, although it costs more upholstery than a new sofa, but of course when you have so much affection to this furniture and it costs so much to get rid of it, perhaps this option also we can count on this article like idea to renew the sofa, although not much cheaper.
  4. These are 3 ideas to improve the sofa aesthetically, but what happens when we sit on it and we sink so much that we knee together with the chest. If that happens to you, there is a cheap solution:

It raises the cushions that make of seat and underneath them introduces a table of wood, MDF or cork cut to measure, with a certain thickness that resists the weight of a person without breaking. That will prevent and much that we sink so much, although only in part since the problem of this most of the times is that the foam, the filling of the seat, has worn so much that no longer has density. Therefore, a simple and inexpensive and in some ways quite effective way is to put a few tables below to drastically reduce the sink and make it more stable and comfortable. The effective way to fix this problem is to go to an upholstery and have them filled with an appropriate density (30k), but of course, this form is also the most expensive.

  1. And the fifth and last idea that we want to talk to you, is also related to the physical maintenance of the sofa. One of the worst sensations that can transmit a sofa and therefore make it seem uncomfortable, even if it is and have that feeling that it is old, is that it is not stable and robust, that is, it seems to be disassembling if we sit without care. For this reason, maintenance of broken legs, replacing them with others made by ourselves with wood, repairing some broken wooden batten, and other structural elements of the sofa, will make it recover its stability and robustness feeling safe and comfortable at.

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