What You Need to Know Before Buying a Stationary Fabric Sofa Cleaning

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Fabric sofas are the most chosen when decorating the living area. It’s cheaper price and easy cleaning is two of the great reasons to choose this type of sofas, but there are much more, especially the large number of designs that we can find and that will adapt to our style and tastes.

When it comes to buying a sofa we should not only look at its comfort, it is also important to consider its durability. A fabric sofa is a good choice since if we follow simple guidelines of maintenance and cleaning, the investment will be for a longer term.

When it comes to buying a fabric sofa, it is important that it is easy to clean, avoiding expenses of time and dry cleaning, especially in homes that have children, pets that usually dirty more. In this case, the removable and washable couches in the washing machine are a very good choice. It will be convenient to turn the sleeves upside down so that zippers and/or velcro cannot damage the good face of the upholstery during washing. We advise that, before buying, you assure that they are fabrics resistant to wear and do not make much pilling or pellets.

To clean a fabric sofa or any other type of upholstery it is necessary to take into account the indications given by the manufacturer, dealer on how to maintain and clean it. They are the experts and know better than anyone what products we can apply and how to do it so that the upholstery of the sofa does not suffer any malfunction. The first step is to know the composition of the fabric, in order to know what type of cleaning treatment is appropriate. The microfiber repels the dirt and does not require much care to keep them clean, can be washed in the washing machine, with warm water. They should not be sun-dried or machine-dried. The cotton ones have to be cleaned in the dry cleaner and, if they are not removable, they must be cleaned dry.

For good daily maintenance, it is important to clean the sofa cushions, both the backrest and the seats, thus preventing dust and dirt from accumulating. In case we have pets, it is very useful to remove the hair from the upholstery the use of rubber brushes, latex gloves, adhesive rolls. In addition to daily cleaning, it is important that we place the sofa in a place that does not directly affect the sunlight, it can discolor the piece and wear the fabric.

Occasionally you can use the vacuum cleaner, but very gently. It is convenient to use the softer vacuuming tool that is especially suitable for upholstery, and should not be rubbed or pressed, as doing so can extract the fibers from the upholstery and the fabric will wear out.

In case of the sofa stains, it is best to act as quickly as possible on the stain. We can clean it with a rag slightly moistened in water, if we can not remove it, we can dilute some neutral detergent in water and clean the surface. Never use cleaning chemicals, they can damage the upholstery. We recommend you to use any cleaning product to do a cleaning test in an area not visible on the sofa. If the stain is of greasy type, it is necessary to absorb it with kitchen paper or a soft cloth before proceeding to clean it. In this way, we will avoid as far as possible that the fat will penetrate the tissue. If the liquid is spilled on the sofa, we must also proceed in this way. It must be absorbed so that it does not penetrate the fabric.

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