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Sofas are synonymous with a lot of things. They can come to represent a myriad of elements. Family values, traditions, comfort, tranquility, rest and even home harmony. They mean for the home the centerpiece which unites everything that surrounds it, in a living room, an office or a studio. Homes need sofas because people need sofas. They are simple but diverse at the same time. They serve as a room for the solitary and his rest. And at the same time, they serve as a meeting place for colleagues. For the most part, the environments are forged by the quality, texture, and appearance of their sofas.

There are expensive, high-end models. Which have to embellish the most exclusive spaces. Its production is limited. Normally, they are made with delicate craft techniques and with rare and equally expensive materials. In many cases, they can be extravagant and even exaggerated. On other occasions, sublime designs with only some fine details. They manage to captivate more than any other. This is the main mission of minimalism. Get more reaction and evocation with the last presentation.

In the same way, there are tendencies which seem to pass from comfort, putting all the effort in the appearance of the piece with designs allusive to famous characters or campaigns. Countering different historical styles of painting or, even create avant-garde art movements through the design of furniture as is the case of “de sijl” of the Netherlands. With this, groups of people have been created who prefer to see the sofas as purely aesthetic presentations. Forgetting its main reason for being: to comfort people. Serve people comfortably when they sit or lie down.

Also, expensive designs are not only inspired by superficial ideas or little interested in comfort. In many cases also, greater comfort means higher prices, designs with which anyone could sleep better than in a bed. Or chairs nobody would ever want to stand on.

These new ideas have to be taken into account when creating or remodeling a space. What is sought Greater comfort or better appearance. This can become a great concern. This will depend on the type of space in which you work a professional or family room, for one or several people. Factors to measure when making decisions, not always the most striking sofa will fit in the most extravagant place, many times combinations are key.

The sofa is always going to be the centerpiece of the room. The question is what aspects of the rest of the objects present will absorb. It should never be overloaded. Uniformity is not a great ally either. Better to play with different tones of the same pattern, so that the needs of a particular subject or taste are met but without compromising the appearance of the site.

It knows how to play with uniqueness and variety, entering completely different aspects in a general piece with homogeneous simple sight. Being able to configure different objects in the same plane and intention is ideal. Always keeping the sofa in mind as the main focus, no looks but as that object which is capable of summarizing an environment, above all things, highlighting its exceptionality, originality, and quality.



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