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Enjoy A Day Of Comfort In A Chaise Longue Sofa Blackpool

Written by sofas4u

Among the types of sofas that you can find in the market, the most elegant and comfortable is probably the chaise longue. This term comes from France and its literal meaning is a long armchair.

The living room is one of the rooms in which more money is normally invested. This is because it is the central stay of the house and it has to have all the necessary comforts for the members of the family. If the living room is the center of the house, the sofa is the king of the living room.

As every king must have some minimum requirements that make it special. In antiquity, this type of furniture intended for comfort was only for the upper classes. At present, there are many varieties and for all audiences, and although the version varies, always maintains its ‘L’ shape.

Origin of chaise longue

. It started around the seventeenth century in France. The chaise longue is a kind of armchair in which the feet could be stretched, type divan of a psychologist. Although its year of appearance is not clear, it is related to the reign of Louis XV. If it is true that there are portraits of chaise longue in Pompeii with Cleopatra reclining in something similar.

This has been followed by the modular ones. These are a version of the chaise longue. Instead of being a piece or two at the most, they are several in the form of a square normally. It is necessary to emphasize of this armchair that does not have an endorsement in one of the sides, concretely in the base of the ‘L’. If you have decided to buy one, you should know that having it in your living room, you have already given a touch of distinction to the room.

Unlike those that go by modules, you need a large space to place it. A small room will not look good with a sofa of these dimensions. To give you an idea, you will need at least an area of ​​about 2’50 by 2’30 meters. Although you can also look at the market other sizes, since being fashionable, there is a possibility that you will find it smaller.

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