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Elegant and style in only one place: a Chesterfield sofa

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Elegant and style in only one place: a Chesterfield sofa

It is said that Chesterfield sofas have their origins in the mid-nineteenth century, and there are several versions about the beginning of its manufacture. One of the stories says that the first count of the old county of England, Philip Stanhope, ordered the elaboration of a sofa that was elegant to adorn a distinguished club of gentlemen, that was not only pretty, but also allowed to sit with the back straight, so that it would not detract from the distinguished gentlemen or crinkle their costumes. The responsibility for making this refined sofa was a cabinetmaker named Adam, who fully followed the count’s instructions creating a sofa covered in fine leather, topped by buttons, and with armrests at the same height as the backrest, which would allow Gentlemen sit with their backs straight as the count had requested.

Since then they have become a symbol of classicism and the best British craftsmanship.

The sofas usually represent the center of attention in a living room, in a doctor’s office, in an office or in any other room in which it deserves to place a sofa. That is why it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

When we decide to buy a sofa we must make sure that we like it a lot, that it is within our economic possibilities, that it is a resistant piece and we must also take into account many other aspects such as what type of decoration we have or if we are going to decorate, the comfort that it will provide, since there are many hours that we will probably spend sitting in it and very important the available space. With a Chesterfield sofa all these aspects are covered, because they are the most comfortable sofas that you will get in the market, they are very versatile, depending on the model, color and material of your upholstery you can adapt it to any type of decoration. Although they are not small or inexpensive sofas, currently there are even with individual armchairs, so you can combine them and result in a lower monetary value, or up to four seats to fill large spaces, and colors are no longer just sober colors from before but can be found in other more striking colors such as green or yellow.

Anyone who knows a Chesterfield sofa will surely want to have one and is that these sofas have a design and shape that have made them the most recognizable and sold in the world. It’s tough appearance gives any place sobriety and luxury.

What is guaranteed is that a Chesterfield sofa will fit perfectly in any room, whether it is a classic, modern or vintage style will provide elegance. Being in a Chesterfield sofa will bring a sophisticated British style to your home.

Acquiring a Chesterfield sofa can be one of the best investments of your life because these sofas never go out of fashion, which certifies that although your Chesterfield sofa passes from generation to generation you will never have an obsolete sofa.

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