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Diy Living Room

Written by sofas4u

Go to the Internet and write “DIY Living Room”: realize that you are not the first

The area of ​​our home where we can make infinities of activities is undoubtedly the living room: from reading a book to family meetings or with friends; all depending on the size of this area, is one of the places that can have from a dining room, sofa set, library to a sound system, television, fireplace, musical instruments, among others; Normally connected to corridors that lead to the rooms or to the kitchen of the home. That is why we always strive to make it one of the most central, elegant and presentable places of all; always splendid and in good condition for the visits.

The living room can say a lot about us. If it is elegant and modern, or robust, traditional and simplistic, it has bright colors or earthy colors, gray and dark; if it is of open or closed concept, ordered or not very well thought out.

The living room reveals our tastes when thinking about its design and structure. On the other hand, if you are in abandonment as regards the thought of distributing your furniture or choosing colors, you can say that the person simply does not have interest in placing a bit of personal creativity in their home.

There are people who tend to even opt for professional advice, people trained in knowing what could be the most ideal and adaptable according to your tastes or needs for this important place.

Nowadays, most people leave much more for the idea that they can have what is most ideal when it comes to design, exploiting their creativity, dedicating themselves to their home spaces, where the living room It is the main protagonist.

They go to the internet to find references, revealing many results when looking for Living Room DIY, the acronym meaning “Do it yourself”. Many of us want to integrate into the creation of a more comfortable and perfect space; from the purchase of furniture to the creation of the ornaments that can be hung or placed on the central tables, countertops, corners, and libraries.

The purpose is to put a piece of ourselves in one of the places we frequent most; In short, it is where the visitors drink coffee and talk for a while.

If we are energetic, vibrant and with a very spontaneous and talkative personality, the most likely thing is that our living room has many bright colors, always remembering to maintain balance, be a space that lends itself as much as to take a nap, make the duties, even to play games, organize meetings and parties.

If we are elegant people, a little more demure, our space will have many neutral colors, perhaps a bright color to highlight, leather sofas, central carpets, a library and perhaps even a spacious dining room.

One of the basic principles of design is that you always have to know how to play with colors, respect the palette, the tonalities and know the balance between them, their combination. Have detail at the time of the distribution of furniture, only with what is necessary. The more furniture, shelves, and decorations they have, the smaller space will look.

Sometimes, however simple the place is, if it is well planned, it is more than enough.

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