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Creating A Living Wall

Written by sofas4u

Learn to give a fresh atmosphere to your home by creating a living wall

Nowadays, it is not necessary to have large areas of land or a huge yard, to capture all the beauty of nature. It does not matter if you live in an apartment or a small house, you can do it by creating a living wall.

If you are a fan of plants and you do not have much space to have them, now you can make your dream come true by placing them on some wall of your home. We assure you that they will look spectacular.

You can choose to make it on the outside, where the plants will have a greater chance of growing and you will not need to take care of them so much, as they will be given sunlight permanently and they will grow outdoors.

But you must take into account that, if you live in an area where the winter is strong, the plants will not survive. That is why you must choose the place where you will place it very well so that later you will not be disappointed.

If you choose to do it inside your house, you should keep in mind that these plants have a specific weight and, as they grow, they will become heavier. In addition, they will accumulate water and wet soil, which in the long run can damage the wall by moisture.

Even if the plants are too big they can knock down the wall. So it is recommended to place it in one of the internal walls that are supported by beams in the main structure of the house.

Another important aspect is the amount of sunlight that will arrive during the day and throughout the year. You must select a part where you arrive, both natural light and breeze. If it is not possible to comply with this detail, you can place special artificial bulbs, which will do the task.

In the market, there are many materials to which the plants can be fixed and designed, specifically, for this purpose. But there are also handmade ways to create them at home and with materials that you have on hand.

A wooden grid will be enough to install in the garden. Determine the space you want to cover and look for a grid that has those measures, you can cover it with plastic or any resistant material, to prevent it from rotting and to contain the earth in its place.

You must measure the site well so that it is centered and well placed on the wall. You can attach it directly to the wall and, for this, you will need some hooks to hang it. Once you have the measurements and the wooden box, you can cover it with plastic and place the fertilized soil on top.

When the container is full of dirt, it is lined with special gardening cloth and put on thin wooden slats, so that the earth does not collapse. Now is the time to open holes in the garden fabric and start planting.

You can plant ferns, flowers of varied colors, climbers and all kinds of plants that are not very heavy and do not grow very tall. Remember that the garden is vertical and you should prune it from time to time so that the weight of the plant does not deteriorate the whole.

This vertical garden to create a living wall will help purify the air in the room. In addition, they balance the temperature and are very beautiful.

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