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4 ideas to install a corner sofa in the living room

The living room is the space that welcomes guests and guests with open arms. In it, the whole family romps the free moments of rest and coexistence. Therefore, the colors, textures, and details communicate to the singer the essence of their owners, as well as their customs and tastes.

Following this line of ideas, are the furniture that activates the functioning of harmony and comfort in a room, responding to the needs of each person. The armchairs, the core of the ornaments, tables, and shelves, distribute the place and extend infinitely, full of possibilities.

This time its the turn of the corner sofas, a modern and popularized trend that, without a doubt, leaves many benefits worth mentioning. If you play well with these pieces, people will notice how your room is impregnated with elegance and style.

Corner sofas for compact rooms

If a person has a small space to call living room or living room, corner sofas is definitely what they need. In this way, with few elements and a lot of imagination, they can build magic from the compact.

What is the first trick? Get a multi-piece of furniture or, if you want to call it another way, buy a shelf with several sections, preferably made of wood and matching the sofa. With this piece, it is possible to leave aside the shelves for photos, tables for the television, auxiliary or for the stereo.

Multiple pieces of furniture and a corner sofa belong to the other and the client must be aware of this before going on the adventure of decorating a house.

Corner sofas for bright spaces

When installing a piece of furniture in L, paying attention to the sources of light is vital to expand or reduce the space. In this sense, if you can play with this element in its natural form – thanks to the presence of windows – many decorators will encourage the same thing: installing the furniture in front of the windows.

In this way, the lighting is used in quantity, the presence of lamps is decimated and curtains can be used without the fear of the environment becoming gloomy. If in a well-lit space, a corner sofa is added in light tones, the room is bathed in life and freshness.

Blues: an ideal palette for corner sofas

As always in the field of decoration, certain colors get more acceptance than others and match without difficulty with many types of furniture. The epitome, of course, is black, but on corner sofas, blue is also representative.

As in the previous section, light and dark blues are recommended when there is good lighting – natural or artificial. The easiest way to adapt this furniture to the decoration is to buy a dark chair to which elements of the same color are added little by little, in contrast and vice versa.


Auxiliary lamps and tables

As the corner sofas, naturally, are installed near the walls, there is a whole space in the center that is free -or empty, depending on the dimensions-. Therefore, it is recommended to add auxiliary tables of the same height as the furniture.

Another way to include elements to a decoration that starts from a corner cabinet is to place lamps and shelves, the first because it enlarges the visual field and the second because it gives practicality the distribution of space.


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