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5 places to get corner sofas in Bristol

With regard to the manufacture and distribution of furniture, the United Kingdom is one of the largest producers. Therefore, it is not surprising that part of the main trade of many localities is devoted to the purchase of sofas. From its traditional Chesterfield to the modern trends that now cause a furor, the shops of Bristol, southeast of England, are no exception.

The problem, in this sense, is to have so many options to choose from. In Bristol, there is a couple of dozen. However, according to user reviews and decorating experiences, to buy a corner sofa in that location, these are the best stores.

Furniture Village

According to Trustpilot, a quality indicator for British stores, this location, located in Lysander, is number one in terms of options. Its varied options include beds, dining and seating tables, footstools and, of course, corner sofas of the best quality.

With Furniture Village, customers are guaranteed that their choices are correct and that, when filling the living room with style and elegance, their corners are the indicated option, the main brands with which they work with Hypnos, Vispring, Nicoletti and, of course, Rom.

Park Furnishers

This store is ranked second in the popularity range. However, this does not affect the quality of its corner sofas or its 50-year history of selling and delivering furniture in all Bristol locations. Headquartered on Willway Street, Park Furnishers stands out for its sofas, reclining chairs and ornaments.

Its range of corner furniture includes a wide selection with high quality designs. In their physical store, they also have displays of furniture and ideas to decorate or add them inside the living rooms. In addition, they offer their clients interior decoration specialists who can serve as guides when choosing.

Designer sofa 4us

This shop, specialist in sofas and furniture, is a imbues of elegance to all the clients with its exhibitions of set furniture, especially the corners that so much are fashionable and shine in the majority of the spaces.

Designer sofa 4us is the ideal option to get the best in modern styles, which are combined with classic and contemporary. In addition, they work with large manufacturers and a palette of colors that seems to have no end. The fact of being able to try the furniture before buying them is another quality that makes them worthy of a place among the favorites.


With the motto of “specialists in sofa design”, this Imperial Park store is an expert in any variety of furniture, especially corner type furniture. They work in cloth and leather, have famous distributors and, as a means to facilitate the task of customers, offer advice to combine these pieces with carpets and lamps, for example.


Initially, this store was dedicated to the exclusive sale of bedroom sets, but when they decided to add sofas and ornaments for living rooms and dining rooms, they did it with the right foot.

Currently, they sell a variety of corner sofas of the best quality. Your service is, if the client wishes, at home and works with previous orders. For modern items or classic style, Bedminster is a more than an acceptable option.

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