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5 decorative reasons to get a black corner sofa

In the process of acquiring furniture, there is a tonality that is the basis of everything or the mechanism to accentuate certain details. This is, of course, black. In paintings, tables, chairs, and ornaments and, of course, sofas, it is used under the slogan: “combines with everything”.

In theory, that’s right. However, beyond this basic and unattractive quality, there are deeper reasons to get a black corner.

Get the balance with the rest of the decoration

The starting point for adding furniture in the living room is usually the sofa. A black corner, in that sense, is made of balanced design, is the main layer of the rest of contrasting elements that make up the final canvas. That is, the room with all its characteristics and personalities

The black, from the aesthetic point of view, not only classic but elegant, If customers try to combine them with dark but vivid ornaments -such as red, orange or green-, the result could be loaded with a striking and harmonic contrast in sight.

Black is a strategic color

Sometimes to start you need to have in the stream of thought a color, a texture or an idea. With the notion of black as the main decorative element, it will be easier to incorporate light colors in the rest of the decoration.

However, balance is everything. Therefore, many interior decorators and experts recommend melting a black sofa with white walls and paintings and decorations that are directed by the same palette. Black, although strategic, can also be bland if added too much.

The accent of light colors

When it comes to closed but well-lit spaces, white on the walls is ideal. Expands and extends the dimensions in perspective, in addition to making any room chic and elegant. However, to get the most out of it, it is important to pay attention to the furniture that is included.

A black corner sofa, in that sense, gives strength to the environment that can become demolishing sterile if they continue to incorporate white. Serious, refined and, above all, in contrast with the minimalist details, it becomes the king of the room not only for its quality of sofa but because it is, visually, the key that stands out.

Help activate creativity

The monochromatic works for many, while for others it is a schematic and monotonous vision of what interior decoration should be, therefore, as a basis for incorporating colors, black, like white, will never be discarded.

In that sense, a black corner can be accompanied by cushions, tables, and colorful lamps. It also lends itself to adding frames of strong shades and even flamboyant tile floors.

It is not a question of converting the salon into a carnival, but of knowing how to take advantage of the virtues of black in its neutral condition. Take advantage of it and create a living room where you want to spend time with your family.

Easy to clean

This is more related to practicality, but also meets aesthetics at the point where it is easier to hide spots and damages with a black sofa than with another one of clear tones or completely white.

For clients who have children or pets, sometimes the vision of a sofa is practically linked to the fact that it is proof of everything. Although when they refer to “everything”, they really mean “to the spots”.

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