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The corner sofas at furniture village

The reason for choosing a corner sofa is its luxurious and contemporary connotation makes it living room furniture easy to combine with all interior decoration styles. Its characteristic L shape offers unique possibilities for space planning. Therefore, a corner sofa can be a true comfort and allied design, for an optimized distribution of the living room.

In the center of the living room, the corner sofa can help you structure the space or make the room more pleasant to live. Central position in the room, at the foot of a staircase, along with a wall or in front of a fireplace, the sofa offers different possible arrangements. You will find that there are many ways, some more original than others, to install it in a room.

Optimize the space

A corner sofa usually has more seats than a straight sofa and takes up less space. The difference is obvious if you try to install two straight sofas perpendicular to each other to recreate the L shape. Without a doubt, the corner sofa is more appropriate and will consume fewer surfaces. Contrary to what we can think at first sight, therefore, it can be considered in a not very large living room.

Structure of the room

If the corner sofa is ideal to optimize space, it is also an ideal piece of furniture to structure the room and delimit separate universes within the same room. If this is the use you reserve for it, prefer sofas whose covering covers even the sides and back, is a matter of aesthetics.

This type of arrangement is particularly practical for easily separating the kitchen and the living room, for example, in the case of an open kitchen. When it is flexible, the corner sofa offers even more possibilities: you choose on which side you place the angle and you can easily change the organization of the space as you see fit.

Create a friendly and intimate corner

With its L-shape, the corner sofa immediately emits a sense of coexistence and creates a warm atmosphere in the blink of an eye. The guests who sit there feel closer. This disposition favors communication and exchange, exactly what we are looking for in a party with friends or in a family reunion.

Guests can easily see each other, and conversations get better. Add a coffee table in the middle, and that’s it. You can even accommodate your guests by transforming the corner sofa into a bed since most corner sofas are convertible.

Allows you to relax and have a storage space with its meridian part. On its short side, the corner sofa is actually obvious. This seat, previously dedicated to the nap and integrated into the sofa, is an excellent option to relax completely.

It offers an ideal position to comfortably enjoy a movie session or a reading night, with your legs stretched out and stretched back. No more feet on the coffee table! The design of the corner sofa is the most classic, by placing the coffee table in front of the sofa; space will be suitable for evenings with friends.

If you have enough space, opt for our symmetrical design corner sofas. To harmonize the room, it is better to choose sofas with the same colors. These tips will help you choose your decoration with one of our most popular corner sofas.

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