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Stacking in the trend, the corner sofa is very popular, convivial and comfortable; it is the key to a living room where you feel good. Both imposing and requested by many, the corner sofa is often crowded.

So before buying a sofa, be sure to take the dimensions of your room to make sure you choose an appropriate model. Once at home, you should place the corner sofa according to your wishes, the restrictions of your room and your decoration.

With its imposing dimensions, the corner sofa often occupies a large part of the living room. Be careful not to choose it and place it inappropriately in your room, as it could impede circulation. Many ask for a corner sofa without enough space and these tend to pack the rooms, it is best to choose a model according to the proportions of the living room.

Structuring the space with the corner sofa

A strong element of the living room, the corner sofa imposes its volumes and can create, according to its position, coherence in the room. The corner sofa can rest against the walls or with a free backrest. In these cases, the good sense of the angle is important. It should be defined according to the rest of the furniture and the design.

If the corner sofa defines the space, it can also be used to delimit the different areas of the living room. In a large living room, the corner sofa can be placed in the center of the room, to divide, for example, the dining room. To avoid having the view on the back of the sofa, think about installing behind it (but without exceeding its height) a long table, with a row of vases, candles or plants with a tray of different gadgets.

Orient the corner sofa according to the visual advantage of the living room, as the room is often one of the nicest rooms in the house. Large windows with a beautiful light, a fireplace for the cozy side or a nice open view, each room has its own advantages. It is up to you to define which axis you want to orientate your corner sofa.

In general, the corner sofa looks into the light, then ask what you want to see when you sit on your sofa, a panoramic view or a view of the backyard? The orientation of the sofa is not the same. Another important element to define the place of the sofa is television. In most homes, it is she who determines the situation of the corner sofa. The axis of the TV serves as a reference to place the sofa; it should be in front of the longest part of the corner sofa so that it is comfortable to look at.

Keep good traffic around the corner sofa

If the living room is too small, choose for a less bulky couch, with a shorter length this is a good model of compact corner sofa. To place the sofa, make sure you can move easily. It must not obstruct the passage, for example, in the entrance. The worst place for a corner sofa is to put it against the wall when entering the living room, to the right or to the left, on a wall that is not visible.

Not at all ordinary and reserved for large spaces, our corner sofas are cozy, and the ideal for one of our corner sofas is to direct the purchase towards us, we have corner sofas that come in different models, choose a practical and lightweight, easy to move to decorate your living room.

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