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Comfort and style, the recline Wing chair

Written by sofas4u

If we want to talk about classic furniture, elegant and timeless, that in addition to a unique style, give us the greatest comfort, we must refer to the wing chair, the mother of all chairs now known as “relax”.|

The English word “wing” literally means “wings” and has a lot to do with the structure of this special piece of furniture. A wing chair has a high backrest and side wings that depending on the model extend to the armrest. Created in England, its original function was to protect its occupant from the cold breezes and keep them warm, so they were located near the chimneys.

Although in its early days were pieces made exclusively in wood and its design was simple, with the passage of time it was incorporated into increasingly elegant and comfortable upholstery. Currently, it is possible to find styles and designs that suit all tastes, as well as different levels of comfort, what is the modern version? the wing chair that reclines.

The advances in technology also reach the furniture market and make it possible to choose between different degrees of comfort. A wing chair is in itself very comfortable, especially the classic style with back high and wide, with deeper seats, but if we add the possibility of reclining, we will have a piece of furniture that can be very functional without losing elegance.

The wing chair is a striking piece of personality, admired above all for its sophisticated lines that give distinction to any space. But now it is also a piece of furniture where you can relax and stretch your torso and legs to maximize your rest. The most modern wing chairs are ergonomically designed, with wide, well-padded seats and manual or electric relaxation mechanisms that allow reclining different parts of the chair.

Your wing chair will remain that furniture that makes the difference in your living room or that gives a special touch to your room, but also the place where you can relax or rest whenever you want. Some of the places where this type of chairs is most often placed are next to the reading table or near the library, so choosing a reclining mechanism is ideal to get comfortable while enjoying a good book.

These mechanisms allow you to modify the angles of inclination of the back or legs and the position of the seat to your liking. The best part is that they are manufactured in such a way that the elements that allow movement are aesthetically incorporated into the chair, so they do not clash with the decoration.

The wing chair is a classic among the furniture that has maintained its essence and that has demonstrated sufficient versatility to adapt to the vertiginous change of decoration trends. It can fit perfectly well in a classic space and also in a modern one, satisfy the most conservative tastes but also the most daring and always be the furniture with more character of the set.

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