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Cleaning Sofas At Home

Cleaning Sofas At Home
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Tips For Cleaning a Black Leather Sofa

A touch of leather in the decoration gives us a very elegant and personal image, this is because this material is not only very noble but also very delicate, which we have to emphasize with regard to leather sofas or furniture made of this material, is that their care must be constant.

The leather sofa requires a lot of attention, the stains are more difficult to remove than in another class of armchairs, but none of these stains are impossible to clean, this surface has arrangement; There is a set of tips for the restoration and maintenance of the leather sofa along with other furniture made from leather.

The cleaning of the leather sofa will always depend on the type of leather of which it is made, there are three types more common: pure aniline leather, it has no protective coat of factory and is commonly known as bare leather. Then we have leather Semi-aniline that has a protective layer that let’s pass some substances, and finally is the leather with the total finish, which has a protective layer impermeable.

Some leather sofas can be cleaned and this prevents the dirt from entering the finish, but there are others that do not resist cleaning substances. Unfinished or non-pigmented leathers are exposed to spills or grease stains from the human body. The only solution for this type of leather sofas is the temporary protective layer, the same lasts from six months to two years, depending on the use that is given to the furniture.

This is an invisible film that repels dust without removing softness and flexibility to the leather, the price is fixed by seating area, in the case of a leather sofa, it has three areas. The experts in leather, recommend giving an extra layer of maintenance since the protection they give in the factory is uneven and inappropriate.

The semi-aniline or total aniline leather sofa is cleaned but should be taken to an expert to confirm the cleaning, ideally to have a fully-finished leather, especially if you have children and pets in the house. In most cases, only fully finished leathers can be cleaned, we do not realize what kind of leather we have if we run the nail over the surface; Semi-aniline or full aniline leathers are marked, while fully finished leathers are not.

You should get a product that wipes the surface and penetrates under the protective layer to remove waste; It is important not to damage the factory finish. This product should be allowed to work for 24 hours and dry completely before reusing the leather sofa again, the most difficult ink spots, for example, can be removed with a new finish, after applying the finish with a cloth. You must dye it with a matching color. Semi-aniline and aniline leathers can also be finished but we run the risk of making them look beautiful but without any flexibility.

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