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The sofas are the letter of presentation of all homes in the world for centuries, considered as the furniture that reigns in the home because is located mostly in the central axes of houses, making them the first article or Furniture that is observed when entering, for that reason these items are always seen on magazine covers, television series, museums and exhibition galleries. The sofas should be treated lightly as it is a product of mass consumption and easily accessible to any sector of the world’s population.

The sofas have been par excellence the great decorations of the salons of the time, of the greatest power figures that the world has seen, of the great thinkers and even the people who only use it as a place of recreation and rest. Since the beginning of time, they were manufactured as an exclusive elite item for the use of high society people, in the industrial era, they were turned into a product of mass reproduction, which made it possible to be in any home on the planet.

Many people believe that sofas are nothing more than simple furniture or articles for the home, however this has a lot of influence on the perception, habits, and attitudes of the individual, the suitable sofa can influence inside and outside the environment of the people. If our sofa is uncomfortable it will affect our mood throughout the day, instead if we can rest in it for its comfort our day will be of happiness. The furniture of our home causes great impact in our day to day life.

This topic can be a bit trivial but from the psychological point of view of the individual the place of rest can have a great impact on their daily habits, an example of this would be to acquire an uncomfortable sofa, to acquire a sofa that does not adjust to our needs can cause health effects, from muscle pain to even minor injuries to the body, in some cases if the use is prolonged can cause injuries that leave some type of squeal or pain.

This text seeks to give it the character of importance that deserves this noble article, placing in the position that deserves it within the home as a protagonist and as an essential factor in the lives of individuals, it is worth saying that choosing a sofa should be a task taken with extreme care, so that not owning one of these items does not become a nightmare or a bad investment.

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