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Choose the best coffee table at London

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The coffee table is that essential piece of furniture in every home, which besides being an important decorative element, can also be incredibly useful and versatile. Around it, we organize the rest of the furniture and we turn it into the focal point of the room and for that reason, it is important to choose one that adapts perfectly to the style of the room but also to our comfort needs.

There are countless sizes, shapes and table designs, one for each taste. In this opportunity, we want to tell you about the advantages of a round coffee table.

Especially in homes where every centimeter counts, a round coffee table is ideal because it provides a sense of spaciousness is less visually heavy and does not take up too much space in the living room. Especially those with only one leg contribute to a greater sense of space.

The nest-type versions are also useful because they allow you to move them easily and place them where it best suits according to the needs of the moment and also looks very nice as side tables next to the sofa.

Coffee tables with storage can also be a right choice if you want to add a plus in functionality and you need a place to store the book you never know where you left, the glasses, the magazines that live throughout the house, the control of the TV or the equipment, or those cushions that you only get when you receive visitors. The compartments of these tables vary in size and are elegantly integrated, hidden, so you do not have to worry about aesthetics.

According to the philosophy of feng shui, around center table generates good chi or positive energy and favors communication between the people who gather around it, contributing to good health at home and giving a sense of unity.

On the other hand, having no corners or right angles is less dangerous if you have children at home. By not having sharp angles you can move more comfortable around them and avoid accidents.

In the opinion of professional decorators, the roundtables are more elegant, cozy and visually pleasing, especially if the colors of the decoration are soft.

Both in traditional decorations, as in the most modern, with a wooden table, the living room will look warmer and more welcoming, however, you can choose a combination of various materials such as glass and metal and add in originality and elegance.

Furniture designers strive to get us all out of the routine, always surprising us with new and attractive designs, such as the London coffee table, a piece whose top is round, made of fiberglass and very original legs and sinuous form that begin on one side and cover three-quarters of the total surface, an ideal choice for those who have sophisticated tastes and enjoy taking risks in the decoration, making your living room a unique and original space.

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