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Chesterfield sofas saxson

The English design style is a combination of two features, which will be “so British” one and “shock” one. It is up to you to choose the one that you think is best suited for your home. The first feature goes hand in hand with comfort, with large and deep sofas, with slippers that hide your legs that usually covered with floral prints. You can choose Chesterfield leather chairs and imagine Sherlock Holmes resting. We cannot forget the club style; either, this style is very masculine, with mahogany furniture that has lots of handles and drawers.


There is also furniture made of massive pinewood, and this type of wood is a feature of the country style. This is a very simple style, which implies a very light color that much appreciated by those who want to feel welcome in your home.


On the other hand, you can also find pieces of furniture that defined by bright colors like pink, green and in several large shapes. This is a very fun mix between past and present, and there are no complexes whatsoever

You should always feel great when you walk into an English home. This separate atmosphere makes us recognize the Anglo-Saxon style, but also the British way of life. Colors are the most important elements of this style of design. The main colors you use will be gray, beige, pink, green and pastel. You can combine these colors as you wish, looking for a dominant color. This will make your room look much more romantic and will give you many harmonies.


Decorations on the walls are also very important when it comes to this feeling. The drawings should represent geometric shapes, squares, and lines, make things look very clear and give them a summer look with very small flowers. You can also cover the walls with wool, tissue or paper and can cover the floor with very wide carpets, which have a lot of decorations and colors.


As for the kitchen, this can be very welcome if you use cheerful and delicate colors, and some red walls making a beautiful contrast with some white furniture. Beige cupboards in your kitchen can also lead to a very beautiful contrast with your floor if it arranged in such a way that it looks like a playground. The main decorative elements of this style of design will be chairs and tables, which should convey the English message everyone knows.


All the furniture should be an imposing and elegant classic. Obviously, there is a big difference between the English and contemporary style, the nobility and the serenity found in the quality of the finish and the material in the furniture made of. Furniture pieces are usually of huge pine, marble or mahogany.

Finally yet importantly, your home in English cannot miss English roses or tea table, 5:00 tea is the symbol of English culture.


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