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Is your sofa distressed or in trouble?

Building an intimate living room does not certainly mean grinding all the furniture in your existing living room. Remember that you can alter the character of the room by simply investing in the right furniture and accessories.


Start with what you have. Grannies furniture, which you have no doubt inherited probably, is not your first option but try to look beyond the floral pattern and matching curtains – quickly you will notice the type of style that stands the test of time. The type of fashion that has never forgotten but easily ignored.


Get a look at what you have and then utilize your creativity. It is antique furniture like Chesterfield sofas or wingback chairs, rocking chairs and three seat sofas are the stuff that parables made of. All you need to do now is re-stuff and then reupholster everything and “voila” you have re-invented your entire living room furniture set.


I am not saying that you should not think to buy new furniture. Personal choice will determine that for you. One piece of advice though, if you go for modern living room furniture then don’t misremember to bring practicality into the equalization when making a sudden purchase.


Interestingly enough, more and more firms are now manufacturing and selling their own bespoke living room furniture and the values are not as bad you think. Some companies even offer interchangeable furniture covers, which allow you to alter the entire look and feel of a living room without having to replace or reupholster everything.


The furniture is the foundation, and the accessories are decoration. One of the simplest ways to bring color and appearance into your decoration is through cushions.

The cushions come in a group of shapes, sizes and incredible materials. Although they often neglected in a great scheme of decoration, they are a very cost-efficient way to improve the appearance of the living room. Choosing the color and texture in the scattering of the pillows can change the way your guests interact and even interact with your living room.


To begin to maintain the world of pillows, concentrate on creating some gentle contrast. If you have a solid color, sofa then go for the pillows that have a different color print. For floral or textured sofas, you can find the contrast you want by choosing solid-colored cushions or pillows that have fabric that is inconsistent with the base fabric.


This subtle contrast thing lets you bring visual attention and share by touch without confusing the senses. You do not want the living room too busy with prints or textures, and this can put on for visitors. Much of the good is that too! You will be ready to create a more attractive atmosphere by relaxing the guests to contrast.

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