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If you have determined to decorate your living room in a classic or traditional style, this second part of our two-part series will provide you with some great advice and ideas.


Quality and comfort are essential elements in the classic style room. Choose a square-shaped sofa with a comfortable cushion, soft cushions covered with a long fabric or damask strap.  Team it with choices of different seating styles, clothed in toning but different fabrics. This seems more natural than a matching suite, and you can select up offers to renovate. A Chesterfield or relaxing sofa adds an authentic touch.


Glass- oriented cupboards are ideal for displaying China’s favorite or antique books. Chest boxes and trunks with lids upholstered – or covered with a shawl or a throw – provide a useful surface, and a hidden storage space, too. Modern segments like television and stereo, best incorporated into integrated storage systems.

Look for small decorative tables to hold lamps and silver framed sets, or buy cheap parquet tables and camouflage them matching clothes folded on the floor with deep clothes.


Create a soft, flaring environment with careful lighting. If you have a central lamp, adjust the dimmer switch so you can create a candle-like spark. Wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, or candles set around the room, creating warm light baths. Large Chinese style cups in blue, white or green provide good lamp bases, stained wood for finishing mahogany or ebony in copper bases is also ideal. Place them in a simple shade of thin silk or pleated.


The large or gilded landscapes or the pictures viewed properly, with a large mirror framed in the fireplace. Architectural inscriptions or plant prints in narrow black frames add a sophisticated touch. They hung in groups, possibly linked with an image of bow or stick, the classically printed swags, and borders.


A large plaster bust – some museums sell reproductions of the original effects – placed on a side table or in the fireplace, has a real effect. Symmetry is a major element – the coincidence of the miniature dogs or cats of China that side of the fireplace is a typical classic look. Alternatively, place the corresponding Chinese statues on the shelf.




The little touches can create an impression of the graceful life that defines the classic style. Flowers are always important. Creating a great, graceful formal presentation of evergreens and twigs, complete with fresh seasonal flowers. Place pots of scented dried flower heads on the tables for air freshener drift.

Handmade things, such as fabric cushions, old silver, and leather books, create a sense of the past. Group objects carefully to complement each other.


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