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If you have been looking for new furniture, you may notice some key terms floating around that grandparents have used “back in the day.” Furniture is one of the most extraordinary home accessories in your place; you can even build your home decor around these particular items. With loads of different home accessories and decor items there, what exactly is “Davenport” or “Chesterfield?”


By definition: Chesterfield


Chesterfield is the term that first came in the 19th century, after the English nobleman, Earl of Chesterfield. However, this does not really have anything to do with Chesterfield’s modern definition. Today, the term “Chesterfield” actually refers to a bit of furniture, in particular: a sofa with arms.


By definition: Davenport


The specific origin of the term “Davenport” is unknown, although it suspected that it comes from the name, Davenport. Its initial known use in 1853 did not originate in the same period as Chesterfield, which was a year earlier in 1852.

Today, the term Davenport can refer to two different furniture elements: small, built-in desk size, or as probably more familiar, large upholstered sofa. However, unlike Chesterfield, Davenport takes things one step further, as Davenport, according to Miriam Webster Dictionary, can usually turn into a bed.

It is more worth noting that at one point Davenport was also a branded line of sofas produced by an old company operating from Massachusetts.


All about Davenports and Chesterfields

It is important to note that, despite definitions that appear to be different for each term, both terms are synonymous and can use interchangeably.


Other terms that can also use interchangeably include the most common furniture conditions, such as a sofa or couch, as well as other conditions, including a living room or a city.


Despite these common definitions, designers today tend to use these two terms to refer to certain patterns rather than sofas or couches in general. Vinburts and Chesterfields tend to be upholstered furniture, which characterized by pillows with hair-inserted cushions, or trim nail head (and sometimes both). Rounded edges rather than clean and modern lines that we see with contemporary styles today often characterize these sofas. However, these rounded edges are a little less traditional in shape or style and tend to be more fluid for them, making furniture more elegant and less casual.


In fact, despite the technical terms, many people still feel like a sofa-couch, regardless of the term used up to describe it. Designers and stylists today to re-design furniture, even sofas and other pieces, in these ancient methods, which contribute to the “revival of America” to some extent we are living in the current era. Davenports and Chesterfields are also a perfect complement to a wide range of home decor styles ranging from eclectic to traditional and everything in between.


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