Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofas Leicester

Chesterfield Sofas Leicester
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Chesterfield sofa, the classic English sofa par excellence, tells the story that the Earl of Chesterfield, refined diplomat and man of letters, tired that his servants at the time of sitting were not in accordance with the aesthetics of the environment, designed a chair with certain characteristics, fundamentally wanted the backs to be upright when sitting and that both backrest and armrests were sturdy, hard and at the same height.

At the time of his death, he asked his butler to have a friend who had come to see him, and the servant tired of always sitting in that chair, gave it to him on the grounds that it was the will of the count, armchair gained an unusual relevance.

The Chesterfield sofa is the emblematic symbol of English elegance and distinction, a jewel of the design, in all areas, harmonizing from the most refined, to the trendless and minimalist trend.

Every studio, office, meeting room, social clubs, hai society halls have Chesterfield sofas. It is important that the Chester sofa you want for your office is  comfortable, there are very modern design sofas but they are horrible for the back, at 20 minutes sitting it hurts everything.

This is a sofa that is neither too hard nor too soft, you have to be sitting firm, with your hip at the knees and feet touching the floor. The fabric prevents you from sliding down, if you slip it is best that you continue looking for a sofa, your back will thank you. The kidneys should not remain in the gap, which is collected, as in the previous image.

Chester Leather sofas are more colorful, more modern and easier to combine with furniture, they are also easier to clean, but require more care so that the skin does not crack over time.

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