Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofas Huddersfield

Chesterfield Sofas Huddersfield
Written by sofas4u

The Chester Sofa is one of those pieces, that indistinctly of the time, is always in fashion. But now especially now he has returned with force. This piece that was born in England to decorate the exclusive London clubs in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, vetoed for women, cannot miss today to create chics environments. The Chester Sofa combines perfectly with design pieces that contrast with its classic line and give Baroque air to the room.

Earl of Chesterfield ordered a sofa to his cabinetmaker so that the gentlemen did not have to adopt an unseemly posture and turn their back straight. That is why the backrest and arms are the same height. In most cases, the legs are usually rounded and fairly short.

As for the upholstery, the key feature of the Chester sofa is the capitoné or sewn buttons that give it that elegant air. At first, he did not wear cushions on the seat but sat on the cushioned structure without further ado. The backrest and arms go involute. The materials in which it is made are several. The original Chester was made of leather in colors such as brown, burgundy or green, although now white and silver has become fashionable colors.

We can also find the modified Chester sofa, adapted to our era. Revisiting the classic Chester but reducing the elements to the greater simplicity, like the sofa Chester Lord of skin.

The structure of a Chester sofa is made of hardwood such as oak or maple bonded with glue and cleats. Their union is as strong as the wood itself.

The cushions and the outer layer is another point of difference. The leather life of a Chester sofa is much longer than a cheaper sofa. The filling is also more durable, returns to its original shape and does not deform as in the others.

Unlike fashion, where you pay for the style and name of the designer, but not necessarily the manufacturing process, on a sofa, you are paying for the quality of the materials and the workmanship.

Personally, I think that buying a sofa is conditioned by the stage of life you are going through. If we move from home every now and then, chances are you do not want to invest in an expensive sofa since moving it from one place to another will destroy it.

The Chester sofa is, for me, one of the best built and is probably one of the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in. However, the imitation versions are similar in design, but at a very low price.

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