Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofas Glasgow

Chesterfield Sofas Glasgow
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Chester sofa is a symbol of the purest traditional English design. There are several theories as to their concrete origin. Some say it was Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield who commissioned a prestigious cabinetmaker to design a sofa that would allow the knights of high society to sit in their select clubs with their backs straight, thus avoiding unsuitable movements and unkind forms.

Others say, however, that he is more likely to be another later count, who actually invented it. What everyone agrees with is that the term refers, in all dictionaries, to a leather sofa created at the beginning of the 19th century recognized worldwide for its craftsmanship and beauty and characterized by its design in capitoné with the arms and support to the same height. Its traditional colors are brown, maroon and dark green.

As I commented with the chair Louis XV is a classic of latest fashion and designers of maximum prestige are making new versions.

It is very interesting a leather, Chester, as leather is a material that ages very well we can also find interesting pieces of second-hand that retain all its charm and splendor. Even, in my personal opinion, they are even more beautiful than the new ones.

Characteristics of Chester sofa

The Chester sofa is mainly characterized by being a piece of handicraft. It can be made for two or three seats, or as a single chair. There are three-seater sofa has a length of 220 centimeters, distributed in two seats of 80 centimeters plus two arms of 30. The two-seater model can be 200 or 180 centimeters, depending on whether the seat is 70 or 60 respectively. The armchair measures 120 centimeters and is presented as a high consistency furniture with two arms of 30 and the seat of 60. All of them have a bottom of 100 centimeters.

As for the shape, the back and arms always have the same height, in our case of 75 centimeters, which influences the way of sitting, with the back straight. This posture, besides being very healthy, does not affect comfort, as it is favored by the filling, which is dense so that it does not lose its shape.

The design may have slight variations, such as tacking on the front of the arms, adding padded cape on the front of the feet or changing the shape of the legs, which can be straight, turned or even topped with small metal wheels that facilitate the movement, since it is a heavy furniture because of the characteristics of the materials.

The classic Chester sofa upholstery is in leather, although it can be covered with the same fabrics as the rest of the sofas, and the more traditional colors are dark brown, garnet, and dark green.

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