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Who has not ever imagined sitting on a sofa Chester, surrounded by the most classic atmosphere, waiting with the nerves to blossom to be received by an important personality? Who has not seen in the cinema some scene in which a Chester sofa appears as the protagonist of the image or with the plot unfolding around him? Or who has not lived the experience of talking with friends sitting on one of these traditional sofas in an English-style pub or in the lobby of a hotel or restaurant?

The Chester sofa, despite being a classic furniture with two hundred years of history, can be found today in any space, since it integrates very well both in traditional environments and in a modern environment, where its presence can bring an air contrast or sophisticated retro style.

In case anyone has not fallen into the account yet, the Chester sofa is that elegant furniture of classic English style, whose shape is easily recognizable by presenting rounded arms and back of the same height, with a quilted leather upholstery of design capitoné, that is, with hand-stitched buttons distributed geometrically, and with short wooden legs.

Origin of the sofa Chester

Although different versions exist on their origin, all agree that goes back to principles of century XIX, when extended by the most exclusive and elitist social clubs of London and soon happened to professional spaces of all England.

The most widespread version is that the fourth Earl of Chesterfield commissioned the manufacture of a piece of furniture that was hard and sturdy and had the arms and backrest at the same height so that the staff at his service were forced to maintain a posture erect and correct, since he had observed that they habitually recline and with it the garment was tarnished. The name Chester should, therefore, be due to the shortening of the Chesterfield surname.

With the proliferation of men’s clubs, this couch of aristocratic origin was associated with the refined style and was adopted by the bourgeoisie, whose use generalized by the halls of the capital and later throughout England, moving to be installed in professional offices, banks, theaters and homes of the new rich, because it was linked to a high social status due to its higher price.

From then on it continued to spread throughout the world and its use continues in force today as an emblem of the purest English design. It can be found in homes, but above all, it is fashionable in public spaces and can be seen frequently in magazines, advertising campaigns, media or even giving titles to well-known television programs.

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