Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofas Dublin

Chesterfield Sofas Dublin
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Chesterfield sofa was born in the early Victorian England where it could be found in the most exclusive London social clubs. After its passage through the elitist halls, where much tobacco was breathed and whiskey was drunk, the sofa Chester finished conquering the interiors of the homes with more pedigree of the United Kingdom.

A symbol of British design, the Chester sofa has never ceased to be fashionable, although it has gone from being the star of the most classic and conservative interiors to becoming an essential of lofts with more design. But why do we like this sofa so much?

Because it’s classic

The Chester sofa is a classic and that’s why it will fit as well in your design house as in your grandmother’s living room. The reason why it is not out of fashion is its excellent design: rounded arms in the form of scrolls, a handmade structure of beech or birch and, of course, the buttons – originally covered with bronze – that form the capitoné upholstery. Impossible not to recognize it.

Because it’s modern

It seems a contradiction to what has been said before, but it is the truth: Chester sofa is more modern than ever. Let no one be surprised, retro is fashionable, and is there anything more retro than a couch of the nineteenth century? The Chester, whose visual presence is dominant, is perfect for spacious spaces, industrial-style lofts and modern-inspired lounges.

Because she is more British than the Queen of England

To talk about the Chester sofa is to talk about England and one of its main contributions to the history of design. The sofa passed from the British Isles to their American colonies through British Navy officers and from there to the rest of the world. Universal, yes, but very English, because although she was born in the elegant men’s clubs, we could all imagine the Queen of England drinking tea in Buckingham Palace sitting on one of these.

Because it is synonymous with quality

Chester sofas have inspired many models, but not all can boast of being a real Chesterfield couch. It is not a brand since this type of sofa does not come from a specific manufacturer, but with a quality guarantee. The authentic ones are made of craftsmanship with very specific materials: beech, birch, compound filling with horsehair …

On the other hand, the important thing is the way to manufacture it, as well as the materials, rather than the fact that it is based on a closed design. Hence there may be very original models, such as the one we see in the photograph and which is certified as authentic Chester sofa.

Because there is so much to choose from

Although we are accustomed to seeing the Chesterfield leather sofa, the truth is that today it is possible to find it made in almost any type of material and with very different prints. The Four program, Traveling with Chester, is a good example of how one couch can be so different. In the same way, the ones we have seen here are all very different from each other. However, they share the same essence, regardless of whether they are in leather, velvet or, like the one we see in the photograph, in a bright orange.

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