Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofas Devon

Chesterfield Sofas Devon
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I’ve been wanting to buy myself a Chester for years. I love. It’s one of that wonderful furniture that does not need anything else (I understand, not even cushions) because they say it all simply by being there. I have always believed that it is an object that exudes elegance, purity and a certain sophisticated air, as of literary talk of those of yesteryear.

However, let’s be honest, it’s not the most comfortable sofa in the world. And is that in fact, originally never aspired to be. How is that possible on a sofa? Well, to begin with, because the first Chester was not a couch, but an armchair. There are several legends about its origins, but the most accepted and repeated account that the fourth Earl of Chesterfield Sofa (in England), was tired of seeing how in the gatherings his honorable companions suffered draining in their seats while their military uniforms or their costumes of the label were wrinkled making them lose elegant.

The Count then decided to commission a cabinetmaker a seat that would force the wearer to keep his back erect. The craftsman designed and built a sturdy, low-legged armchair with back and arms at the same height. He weaved leather and sewed a few large buttons by hand, whose only purpose was to make the seat deliberately more uncomfortable, to shorten the visits.

We do not know if the Conde’s guests would get the hint, but it seems that his godson, the diplomat Solomon Dayrolles, was not very happy to receive the sofa as an inheritance after the death of his mentor. Solomon never imagined that this heavy and uncomfortable sofa, which he reluctantly took away from the Count’s house, would become the star of his living-room, and that soon all his visits would fall into flattery upon seeing him. So much fame and admiration reached the couch of the Earl of Chesterfield, which English nobles and aristocrats began to copy it, for their own salons and clubs.

A few years later his name had been shortened to “Chester” and the buttons went from being an uncomfortable element to a hallmark and certainly the most desirable. The leather aged was undoubtedly the definitive detail that made it a timeless masterpiece.

The years have passed and every decade has been making its mark in the Chester: sizes have changed, the possibilities in upholstery are endless and now (finally!) Are even comfortable.

And in addition to these styles, Chester has been able to integrate into others, like the industrial one, that helps him to keep that masculine wave, more similar to one of its origins.

Surely you’ve also seen them in minimalist environments, a little more feminine and chic. And is that the Chéster is no longer the boring sofa of yesteryear, today is the perfect element to complete a careful decoration.

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