Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofas Burnley

Chesterfield Sofa Burnley
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I always say the same, before buying a new sofa you have to try it. You have to sit on it to see how comfortable it is. It is obvious that if we do not sit in it, we will not be able to verify it and we will not be able to see how it behaves (if it returns to its original form if it is shrunk). This can give us a clue as to how it will be in the future, whether it will last as long or little if it will resist our pace …

It is true that with just one test we will not know for sure if it will last 3 or 10 years, but if we can feel the quality of its materials and know if it is good or bad.

Just touching a Chesterfield sofa, for example, we notice that it is a quality sofa, soft and sturdy, especially if it is made of leather.

Although there are certain areas of scars that are innate in leather and you have to accept them as they are (each piece is unique and different), artisans strive to eliminate or hide those areas of leather.

The leather is often rubbed by hand to achieve that old effect that has Chester’s upholstery and has always characterized it.

But we can also place it in a more modern environment, opting for more daring colors to break the classic image that it gives off. Today we can find Chester sofas more modern, in fabrics like cotton (which lasts much longer and does not fade with the sun) Living with a cloth sofa has never been so easy, as concerns about the stains disappear completely.

Chester’s original legs were carved with drawings and some had wheels. Now they are not usually so, the legs are smooth wood or can be painted.

In addition to the options of upholstery, color, style of legs, the pattern of knots and size, you can customize the details, buttons, shape of the cushion and depth of the seat.

The design of the rolled arms and back all followed make it a little wider than normal, so there will be less space for the seats.

The padding can be put on the back, on the seat, on the cushions, wherever you want.

As you can see, making a Chesterfield is an art and what you see on the outside is not necessarily what it hides in the heart of the sofa. That’s why all the stores in which it is marketed offer an original design. Beware of fakes.

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