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It is one of the icons of the British design as far as furniture is concerned. An emblematic sofa, which contributes an indisputable note of elegance and classicism to any environment. However, it has been able to adapt to modern times. Today, having a Chester sofa in the living room is a great idea. It adapts to any decoration and enriches it. What are you waiting for to choose one?

If you are looking for a sofa but you do not find any model that finishes convincing you, read on because I am going to discover one of the most emblematic designs in history, as far as sofas are concerned. It is the sofa Chester or Chesterfield, as it was known in its origin. A classic model to say enough, but that is very versatile. You can put it in any room, which will always look great.

The Chester sofa is one of the classic pieces in the decoration of those British salons of the 19th century. It was the star element in the London Knights’ clubs of that time, although shortly after it was to furnish the rooms of the mansions of English high society.

Be that as it may, it became a really special piece of furniture, an icon of decoration that has not lost even a hint of topicality in all these decades. Including it in our homes today is a great idea, whether you have a modern lounge, industrial or Nordic style.

The elegance of putting a sofa Chester in the living room

There is no sofa more special than a Chester. Such is the strength of its design, its sophistication, its classic essence that always attracts attention, is where it is. Personally, I love it when it comes to furnishing different rooms, creating fun contrasts.

In a classic-style lounge, a Chester always looks good, but I personally like it a lot more when it appears in an industrial-style setting, for example. Or in a living room decorated in the style of Scandinavian style, with its light wood furniture and white as a standard.

In addition, the Chester sofa has been evolving over the years. Thus, although the first models were of skin and they used to wear dark colors, Chester nowadays are also made in another type of fabric and in a much wider range of colors.

This is undoubtedly a sign of how an iconic design is capable of reinterpreting itself so as not to remain behind, to adapt, without changing its essence, to modern times. The sofa Chester has got it full.

The traits that define a sofa Chester

The first and clearest feature that defines a Chester sofa is upholstered in capitoné. So much so that it is one of its signs of identity, perhaps the most important. The Chester has a quilted upholstery, with buttons that are distributed throughout the area of ​​the back.


In addition, as I have already mentioned, it used to be made of leather, although this has changed over time, and at times it is common to see Chester upholstered in velvet or other upholstery fabrics.

The Chester is a low-backed sofa, and in spite of it and its appearance, it is comfortable. However, I think its design is so powerful, it inspires different sensations. You may love it, as is my case, or you may not like anything at all.

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