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Chesterfield sofa antique: Antique but sophisticated

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Chesterfield sofa antique: Antique but sophisticated

Did you know that the living room/hall is the one that defines the style of the house? A room is the main attraction of the home since when receiving visitors or arriving at it, it is the first impression that is received from the home in general, a dark and dusty room will give the impression that your house is very neglected and abandoned, a room or hall very overloaded with color will give the impression of being inside a circus, let’s talk about the old Chesterfield sofa, an elegant and very portable alternative, as well you will be the most frequented home and the warmest of your near ones.

These sofas have had a long journey, popularly known as Chester sofas, a term apparently used to describe the old, but do not think that with these sofas the old means old-fashioned, at present, as for the home, the avant-garde speaks of the incorporation of elements from other eras in contrast to current elements or similar elements. Since its beginning in male clubs a few centuries ago this has set the tone and has been the first choice in terms of appearance and aesthetics, like his successors inspired by this (chairs, windows, tables, etc.).

They are symbol of good taste, having one you are going to be part of the old London of the XIX century, to the old clubs of gentlemen, you will hear the sound of the hooves of the horses outside the homes of high class which adopted these beautiful relics of leather and made them a necessary piece of every warm and tasteful home, or you will feel royalty with their sophisticated designs, colors, and appearances, kings, and queens in their palaces were unstressed in these comfortable sofas and made the right decision for his people. Feel comfortable and sophisticated in one of them as they are the most sought after by fans of Vintage vibes, Pop, and Rock culture, and personalities of haute couture, design, and fashion, in addition to most people in the world.

They are the ideal option if you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant look in your home, you can also find them in materials such as leather, velvet, suede, you can even buy them with buttons and floral patterns, geometric, grid, also have a great variety of sizes and colors, commonly usually seen in the colors gray, blue and red, but if you are of a radical and different taste you can find them in an elegant gold, extravagant silver, in black, pink, orange, adapt to your tastes and criteria, you can find them in beautiful and elegant wood carvings, as well as decorated or engraved in the wood that adds to their appearance an additional touch of style and antiquity, they are a legend and theme for every blog, magazine, book of Styling and home, since the home is the place where we allay our worries and where we release all the stress of our daily lives, why not make it the most comfortable place? or what else do we love?

It is said that the cover of a book is in some cases as important as the story, choosing an antique Chester sofa for your living room or hall will definitely be the cover, image, and appearance you so much desired.

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