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Chesterfield sofa: A symbol of style

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Chesterfield sofa: A symbol of style

In Victorian England, it was very common to find in the most exclusive male clubs a Chesterfield sofa, which represented a status symbol. Although the origin of this piece of furniture is not very clear, it is said that it was created by a London cabinetmaker who, fulfilling the requirements of Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, built an armchair so that the distinguished gentlemen who attended meetings in the clubs of the city will be comfortable and at the same time with an upright posture. The sofa created by this cabinetmaker by the name of Adam had the main characteristics of being first elegant, having the back and the armrests at the same level and also placing buttons on the backrest, thus giving birth to the first capitone of the story, which gave him a very comfortable appearance in addition.

This elegant chair created by Adam crossed the ages without going out of style, and after more than two centuries it is still identified in the world by lovers of good taste and classic style as a compulsory decorative reference. Its elegant shapes have been adopted by designers and interior designers to be integrated into modern and minimalist environments, even the most romantic ones also prefer a Chesterfield sofa to give vintage touches.

Whether in leather, leather or fabric, with wooden legs or the classic armchairs, we can be sure that they will never go out of style. It is elegant, in whatever color it is. It is a classic, which makes it look good in any type of decoration.

Although it seems a contradiction this magnificent piece of furniture has not aged in these more than 200 years since its appearance, its form has been updated by the most modern designers and decorators, but still they still have an old-fashioned elegance, which goes very well in any modern house and much more with the so fashionable retro styles.

To achieve different styles in any decoration is very important to know what to combine and thus not fall into mixed styles. If what you want is a vintage decoration the tables and accessories in dark wood are ideal. To create a classic style choose a Chesterfield with velvet finishes and other elements such as curtains in light colors and abundant details. If you are one of those who like the industrial style opt for black metal lamps and plastic chairs or chrome tubes. Even for people who like bright colors a Chesterfield sofa works wonders, choose one in white, red or yellow cushions, with matching chairs and a small table with colorful accessories.

It is always good advice to consult with decorators to help you create the atmosphere you want.

These sofas are so cute and distinguished that it is very common to see a Chesterfield sofa in iconic television series, or in interviews with celebrities, or even to decorate rooms in elegant scenes of cinema.

The design of the chic has been one of the main and most distinguished of the contributions that England has made to the history of design for its craftsmanship, beauty, and timeless elegance.

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