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The fabrics and tapestries are a good resource to renovate furniture or achieve a different style in the environments of our house. Before choosing a fabric you have to keep in mind the characteristics of each space since the fabrics can help to enhance their virtues and hide their defects. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the properties of each fabric: for example, cotton (on canvas, chenille or chintz) is very resistant; instead, silk (in damask, gauze or rustic finish) is elegant but less strong; wool is a warm and lasting choice, while linen, very fresh and pleasant in curtains and upholstery, is a more delicate material.

Most used fabric types and their most outstanding features

Choosing the fabric solely for its color or design is not the right thing to do. Previously, it is advisable to inquire about its composition. Each type of fabric has particularities that determine its performance and correct application


It is the name given to fabrics made with precious metal threads (gold or silver), now replaced by synthetic fibers.

Features: Very sturdy. From its preparation are obtained attractive drawings in relief of different colors.

Uses: Upholstery and curtains.


It takes the name of the fabric that composes it, forming a weave of cut small threads that give it a velvety appearance.

Characteristics: It can be of cotton, wool or linen, although the usual thing is the mixture of synthetic and natural fibers to guarantee resistance and few wrinkles.

Uses Upholstery: and bedspreads.


It can be thick or thin, with a face satin with synthetic resin to give it brightness, although this one is lost with the washing. They are made of different materials but the usual thing is that it is woven with cotton of fine spinning. Usually, comes with floral or leaf motifs.

Uses: Upholstery, curtains, and cushions.


Tissue with canes and gutters, with cut hair. Canes can be thick or thin.

Uses: upholstery.


Although originally it was composed of linen of thick threads, today is denominated cretona to the classic English fabrics.

Characteristics: They are very resistant and varied in design.

Uses: Upholstery, bedspreads, and covers.


Similar to brocade, but thinner and less heavy because it has no relief. Cotton or silk fabric with a shiny or matte effect obtained by the ligament. A maximum of two colors is mixed.

Uses: Upholstery, curtains or cushions.


There is nothing more irresistible than to sit and settle on a leather upholstered sofa. Leather sofas have great advantages within a living room and the level of popularity has increased over the years. As it adapts to any style of decoration and its different designs and colors manage to transform the room into elegant or casual space, male or female, dynamic or quiet, everything will depend on what style you need to adapt to the environment and the needs of each home.

Depending on the quality of leather used on the sofa, the price varies. For rooms with frequent use that include children or pets, it is best to choose a leather sofa that allows easy cleaning.

Uses: Upholstery or cushions

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