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Brown Living Room

Written by sofas4u

Decorate your living room with the brown color and the accessories of your preference

If you are a person with very sober tastes, you like sophisticated environments and want to condition your living room with a brown color; we give you some options so you can achieve a very classy setting.

All shades of brown give a formal touch but can be combined with other colors much more cheerful as orange and red variations. So that the room does not look so classic, we can add cushions in various colors or colorful pictures on the walls.

But if you want to have in your living room, only, the color brown, you can make a mixture of shades, from beige to dark chocolate. Some furniture made of cloth or upholstered in leather could be very well in the center of the room, without getting to stick them on the wall.

Painting the walls with different shades, is also a good option, to give more room or depth to the room, it is possible to paint a wall in light brown and the opposite in dark tones.

The central table finished in wood is ideal to create perfect furniture. With the natural color of the wood, you just have to decide if you want it polished or not. This depends on what you want to achieve. If you have enough space you can place trunks or furniture with drawers, which will also be used to store objects.

Since the color brown tends to be very serious, it is essential that the room has excellent lighting. Otherwise, the atmosphere will look sad and gloomy. That is why it is recommended to have large windows where the light from outside penetrates.

If it is not possible to have a window, you can place a system of recessed lights on the walls or ceiling, which will give the room a lot of elegance. The color of the lighting should be white, do not place colored bulbs with this type of decoration.

Remember that we should look for clarity if you have a window place curtains in soft fabrics with light tones or a blind that distributes the amount of light in the room. Floor lamps are a good solution to place in the corners of the room and illuminate the environment.

To make the environment lighter, you could include elements made of glass, such as tables, shelves or corner pieces that will give room amplitude. If you have space, it would be ideal to prepare a fireplace, as this would give more warmth to the environment.

Undoubtedly, the living rooms decorated in brown inspire a lot of elegance. Includes accessories such as vases, vases, ornaments, mirrors, pots with plants, etc. so that the living room has more life.

This color also tends to provide a lot of tranquility insight, because it is a very calm and neutral tone. Also, you can place objects with different shapes so that the environment does not look so rigid.

A round table in the center or furniture in different locations could give a modern touch to the room. Change the furniture frequently and vary the accessories, so you have a new and different room.

Integrate the cushions and the central carpets in various shades and combine them with the walls, so that they stand out and shine in the living room.


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