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Brown And White Living Room

Written by sofas4u

If you want a warm style for your living room a brown and white are the perfect colors

The classic style is one that never goes out of style, in the living room this style is very good if you like the traditional, a brown and white living room has the perfect tones for that classic style, these tones will make the room to be warm, to be a place where we want to spend a lot of time, to use the white color as a base for the walls will give a lot of light to the place, it will look more spacious and delicate, and combined with different brown pieces will be perfect for this style classic.

The wood brings freshness to the living room, so buying furniture of this type combined with white walls will be great, you can also combine textures, you can buy wooden furniture either the coffee table, the furniture for the TV and some storage furniture made of dark brown wood and a beige or brown upholstered sofa, the wood with the upholstered sofa is a mix between the rustic and the classic, do not be afraid to mix styles, this kind of combinations is in trend and they see very well in the home, they create a perfect harmony.

You can also mix the classic with the modern style, the glass coffee tables look amazing with white walls and brown sofas, the glass is synonymous with elegance, the glass looks delicate and makes the decorative elements that are placed in it. stand out, either place a vase, place candles, portraits, some antiquity, in short, any item that you place will stand out on the glass table, it is important that when decorating this type of tables there is a balance when distributing the elements, and that is that the weight should be distributed throughout the table.

In the living rooms that have white and brown colors, the carpets are also very good, right in the middle of the living room where you are going to place the coffee table underneath you can place a carpet, either unicolor or with some model Stamping the carpets give a special touch to our living room.

Another of the decorative elements that are perfect in white walls are the paintings, you can choose a painting that adds color to the living room, you must take advantage of all the space you have in your living room, not overloading it but placing it in certain specific furniture points and decorative elements that highlight the place.

These are just recommendations for you to take advantage of the different areas of your home, no matter what size it is always possible to achieve a harmonious decoration, a style that is consistent with our personality, the important thing is that when arriving in our living room we feel comfortable both in relation to how we feel with what we see as with the furniture where we spend hours resting, put together a living room is very simple following these tips, make sure you buy things that you like and that are of good quality.


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