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Undoubtedly, the sofa is the main piece of a living room. Not only because of space it occupies, but because it is the most used piece of this room. In addition, the sofa requires a major investment, although there are all prices. For all this, it is important to choose the fabric well depending on the decoration and other elements that make up space, in order to amortize its cost. Here we will help you to choose the color of the sofa.

How to choose a sofa

Steps to follow:

  1. The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a sofa is to think where we are going to put it. To do this, it is important to know how many square meters the room or hall has where we are going to place it in order not to be wrong with our choice. This is also important when choosing the color of it. For example, if the stay is small, opt for warm colors like beige, white or cinnamon. These colors give a feeling of spaciousness. If on the contrary, the salon you have is large, then you can allow yourself to use stronger colors, such as red, chocolate brown or dark gray.
  2. If the room where you are to place the sofa is very bright, we recommend that you do not choose a dark sofa color, as the sunlight will gradually remove the color of your sofa and “age” more quickly.
  3. Another important fact is the protagonism that we want to give the sofa. We can choose a sofa that integrates with the rest of the room. It would be the case of a beige couch and gray cushions in a room with white walls and black carpet. On the contrary, the other option will be to choose a sofa that is the center of the room although in that case, we recommend that you choose a fabric color that matches some element of the room, such as curtains or a table.
  4. Another important element when choosing a sofa is if you want the sofa fabric to be smooth or stamped. Currently, there are infinite types of fabric with which you can upholster the sofa. Everything depends on the character you want to give it: a more classic touch will give you the flowers or stripes, a more current touch will give you the smooth fabrics or with modern prints. Keep in mind that the choice of fabric will mark the choice of cushions.
  5. The decoration of the room is fundamental when choosing a sofa or another. Choose the color of the sofa depending on the color of the walls, curtains, and pictures that you have in that room. Another possibility is to choose the sofa first and then paint the walls and decorate the room according to your choice.

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