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Sofa bed: what type of opening to choose?

When making the decision to buy a sofa bed, there are certain characteristics to which more attention should be paid than others. Generally, the quality, the material and the price weigh on the minimum details.

However, since people started using this piece of furniture for day-to-day life, concerns were also directed towards the opening of the sofa.

This has a reason for being. Before, the sofa beds were an element merely for rest. They were built with resistant materials, comfortable and, in a certain way, bulky. The importance of design contrasted proportionately with the finesse of a Chesterfield, for example.

In the days that run, functionality and style go hand in hand, and customers go out in search of a piece of furniture that meets their needs and, visually, create harmony. In a few words, that meets both qualities to be considered part of the room.

Here, of course, is the ease of opening and closing a sofa bed to include it in the living room and not stealing space from other decorative elements. It may seem like a trifle, but moving everything inside a room to make a little more of a place is not by far the goal with which these furnitures are manufactured.

In this sense, this article has made a collection of sofa bed openings that, without a doubt, are convenient from a practical and decorative perspective. Just keep reading!

Sofa bed with dolphin opening

It is one of the most subtle and modern furniture that currently exists in the market and, they were baptized with that name since they emulate the movement that the dolphins make when they go out of the water. First sticking your head out and, slowly, exposing the rest of your anatomy.

Generally, this kind of sofas is of the square back, L-shaped or corner. Most of the available presentations come in matrimonial size; a characteristic that makes it suitable for 2 or 3 people to sleep comfortably in it.

Also, its compact shape transforms it into the indicated option, since its duality is barely perceived and works with the equal quality as a bed and as a sofa.

Sofa bed facing the front and down

In this type of sofa bed, the name summarizes what constitutes and can wait for the clients. However, it never hurts to explain briefly what the opening movement consists of when talking about these pieces of furniture.

Here, there are three key movements: stretch the seats forward and move the backrest down. The sofas, when built with this structure, cover two or three seats and, on average, include cushions that hide the constitution.

What is the best? It is corner furniture that comes well in open and closed spaces, capturing the essence of modernity with the practicality that, to date, are linked with sofa beds.

Traditional futon sofa

Probably the most sold in the market for the price, the practicality and the resistant materials -but modern- that assemble it. This type of sofa beds works with a few clicks that stretch it in all its splendor creating space for one or two people.

Although they do not belong to the “corner” type, these pieces of furniture save a lot of space and provide comfort at night or during the day. Everything a client, in the long run, needs.


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