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Vintage furniture: what you should know about these timeless items

The vintage style plays a very important role in interior decoration. The historical data and curiosities that adorn each article are the main reasons why people tend to prefer them, however, sometimes when thinking of “vintage”, many people can distort the term.

While it is true that we talk about antiques, vintage is usually more contemporary. In fact, within the furniture industry is considered “vintage” everything that comprises from the 20s to 80s of the twentieth century: Clothes, footwear, music, instruments, films and, of course, furniture.

Nor is everything that is old vintage. This style brings to posterity all that, for one reason or another, was alive in the souls of people. With regard to the furniture, the finishes of the wood passed every decade without extinguishing its charm, like the paintings that popularized the 1950s.

Going a bit more towards the modern, the seventies and eighties were characterized by their colorful culture, full of abstract designs, asymmetric cuts and the introduction of the technology that we know today. All this shock, it lasted as something timeless. Therefore, the essence of vintage is based precisely on that. Timelessness

However, for fans of vintage decoration, there are aspects that should be taken into account whenever you want to try that style because although picturesque, it is common to make blunders.

In the first place, when you try to decorate with vintage furniture, you have to take into account that not everything that is inside the room must necessarily be old. Falling in that conflict is very common, but do not confuse vintage with old-fashioned.

Combining timeless elements with modern details is what creates functional balance with vintage. Therefore, if the furniture is old, it is best to coexist with contemporary objects, such as tables, paintings, and complementary ornaments.

Secondly, mixing different eras is not something that looks in vintage decoration, although there are articles that make a perfect combination. That is, if a person wants to decorate their living room with the look of the fifties, you cannot add items that are from older times.

This is basically a law of interior decoration, and unless you want to put together a museum at home, you should keep the balance right. The furniture of the fifties is more attached to the styles that followed. That is the sixties and seventies.

The same applies to the decoration of the twenties, thirty and forty, more influenced by the English style, with fine wood furniture. Mixing all this with the details of the sixties and seventies would create an unconformity of epochs.

Vintage, little; and not all articles can coexist. Therefore, to work with this style you must have a clear idea and the vision to carry out a project that works within the homes.

That is why duality is maintained; and although a room, room or studio is decorated under an older inspiration, this does not depend on the rest of the bedrooms. That is the reason why there are stores that work with antiques but recommend their client’s other styles that are in balance with this.

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