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Average Living Room Size

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If your room doesn’t have the average room size of 3 by 3 meters do not worry you can also have a perfect living room

The living room is one of the spaces in the home where the greatest amount of furniture is concentrated, the average room size of 3 by 3 meters, this is the minimum desired for a living room, in this space it can be place perfectly a sofa of 2 or 3 seats, with one or more complementary armchairs, a coffee table and a piece of furniture for the TV or a complementary table with decorative elements, between the sofa and the coffee table it is suggested that there be at least 50 centimeters away, there must be enough space to sway in the living room.

While it is true that there is an ideal measure for the living room is also that we must find the way to work with the space we have, if we have we are in the construction of our home we already have the minimum necessary measures, but if the otherwise we already have a living room that may be smaller than the average we just have to take into account some recommendations, to make the living room look bigger it is necessary to use light colors, either white, cream or some shade pastel will help give more space to the place, use mirrors as decorative elements also gives the feeling that the place is larger, likewise use a glass coffee table visually also makes the small spaces look larger, ideal in small spaces is to place 2-seater sofas, and if you want to place additional furniture or shelves this is aerial, place shelves on the wall look great and there you can place small decorative elements that will make the place a simple but warm area.

If, on the contrary, the space of your living room is larger than the average, then you have an advantage since you will have the possibility of playing with more materials for the furniture and colors, additionally, you can place a wider sofa, which is L-shaped is ideal for larger spaces.

The important thing here, no matter how big your living room is, is that you know how to take advantage of the space, use the colors and textures correctly, when shopping for furniture go to different stores so you can choose among the many styles that exist, that you buy furniture with which you feel comfortable, if you already have a previous decoration in your living room and you want to keep it you must get furniture that can be adapted to that decoration, it is important to know that you should never recharge the space without importing So small or large is your living room, acquire quality furniture, investing in your living room is really important because it is the place where most of the family is several hours, so do not skimp when you assemble your living room to be.


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