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Antique And Vintage Sofas

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Characteristics of antique and vintage sofas

The vintage decoration is a term that has become very popular in the last epoch and refers to the style that was used some 50 years ago; so it involves the recovery and restoration of antique furniture, which is combined with a modern and avant-garde decoration, highlighting the vintage. The fact that antique and vintage sofas are currently so popular is the value that people have given to genuine relics and unique pieces.

Also, the worn look and the signs of use that denote the passing of the years, tell by themselves the anecdotes of the pieces, which make them unrepeatable. On the other hand, almost all the antique furniture has the characteristic of handmade and handmade, which is evident in the meticulous care of the details; In this way, they acquire a quality and value that is impossible to compare with objects with industrial production. In addition to this, vintage furniture stands out for being made with natural materials, such as solid wood, which are given clean and meticulous finishes in the form.

Characteristics of vintage and antique furniture

The main characteristic of the furniture of the vintage style is the design of the furniture; This means that if in a place you have very modern furniture, it will be necessary to make certain adjustments since they must have an aspect that makes them look old worn, but preserving the elegance. In this sense, you can get antique and vintage sofas to place in the room in antique stores, markets, garage sales and even some antiques that are inherited from parents or grandparents; without any of them present details you can restore and apply the following techniques to preserve the old look:

  • Application of a patina. This will highlight the reliefs and darken the holes, giving an appearance of wear.
  • It consists of suppressing the superficial layer of paint with the intention of perceiving a bit of the background paint.

However, wrought iron furniture is also very sought after for use in vintage decorations.

Other features

  • The colors of the range of cakes are what characterize the vintage style; so, aggregates such as antique and vintage sofas, tables, etc., can be acquired in pastel colors. White is the most used and is a basis of this style; however, decorators are leaning towards the use of coral or aquamarine.
  • They are essential and quite representative of the vintage style. They can be applied to fabrics, such as cushions, quilts, curtains, carpets, and even the upholstery of chairs, armchairs, sofas, among others. The designs can be of flowers, although it is not limited to these, because there are others that provide similar effects to times of yesteryear.
  • These are the classic wicker, wood, and wrought iron; which can be combined with the fabric, especially if it is printed.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the old and authentic pieces are a bit complicated to find. So if you want to acquire excellent vintage and authentic furniture, it is advisable to look in specialized stores and antique shops; however, you must be willing to pay a considerable price if what you want are value and authenticity.

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