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A wonderful Chesterfield sofa can be made by an expert craftsman

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A wonderful Chesterfield sofa can be made by an expert craftsman

This sofa was designed as a piece to correct the posture and to give elegance to the salons. The first pieces were very heavy models and difficult to move, but over the years has been lightening the structure, resulting in a sofa with the same characteristics and quality, but lighter.

Its confection is made exclusively by artisans of wide experience and with very high-quality materials. Each piece is made by hand and with simple tools, which makes each sofa an unequaled and unrepeatable piece. The craftsmen, who are dedicated to the manufacture of Chesterfield furniture, have the most solid knowledge to make a sofa that will resist the use for many years.

The Chesterfield sofa factories have a staff specialized in its preparation and, in addition, the speed and efficiency that ensures that each armchair and sofa has the best standards of excellence, which the clientele seeks. Their workshops have the hardest and most resistant wood, among which you can choose mahogany, birch or beech. The wood is cut into formats of different sizes and shapes, specially designed to fit perfectly and get the structure of the furniture.

To have the frame of the sofa, nails and metal parts are used. After carefully fixing each hook to the wood, it is filled with layers of very soft foam, to give comfort to the piece. Between each of the wrappings are placed ribbons made with jute threads and springs interlaced with each other and secured with the tape, to give the rigidity to the upholstery and not to lose its shape.

At the moment of making the upholstery, scissors with excellent edges that can cut hard material are used. Sewing machines are also used to join the pieces of leather, crayons to cut the molds that go in the part of the arms, the back, and the seats. The hammer is very useful for fixing each button on the outside of the furniture.

The detail that distinguishes a Chesterfield sofa is the buttoning on the back and poses arms, for it is used horsehair or jute thread, coconut or hemp to give durability to the upholstery. All buttons and folds are made manually, with techniques that have not changed. The leather that is used is of excellent quality, it can be chosen in a variety of colors or with an aged look, which gives more prominence to the piece.

The legs are elaborated in treated and varnished wood or in metal, according to the style of the furniture. They have multiple shapes and sizes, there are even models that hide them very well and make them almost invisible. Each support is integrated into the structure so that they cannot detach and thus avoid unpleasant accidents since this furniture is quite heavy and need a good base to support people.

The same upholstery technique is used with velvet, resulting in a classic and more comfortable model than the sofa upholstered with leather. More care should be taken with sofas upholstered in velvet, as they are more susceptible to stains.

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