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A sofa bed represents the perfect combination of comfort and elegance

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A sofa bed represents the perfect combination of comfort and elegance

Having a Chesterfield sofa bed at home is the dream of every person who loves good design and who enjoys good taste in decoration. This type of furniture was created to solve the problem of having guests at home for long periods.

They can be used in the day as a sofa to share with family and friends, watch television or have an interesting conversation in the living room of the house, but they also resolve to a large extent the situation of having an unexpected visit from a guest and not having space to accommodate it.

Actually, they are very easy to install and collect, due to their hooks that bend and stretch inside the structure of the furniture, allowing having a bed with easy movements. It does not require much effort to deploy the mattress.

Once it is completely open, you will have a comfortable bed, which will allow you to accommodate more than one person. They have a firmness and stability to all test because they are constructed with very resistant and durable materials.

It can be covered in leather, leather, velvety fabrics, which will give a feeling of softness to the occupant or wool, to give warmth in very cold environments. Generally, the structure is made of mahogany, beech or birch wood that are very durable. It has legs built in PVC or wood, to resist the weight of the furniture.

The padding of the cushions of a Chesterfield sofa bed is made with several layers of polyurethane foam to give it the softness it requires. The mattress, located in the internal part of the structure, is composed of soft padding and protected with dacron fabric.

The process to modify the sofa in bed is very simple, simply remove the cushions that are used as seats, take elastic bands placed on both sides and gently pull them, so that the mattress unfolds until you take the position of a bed. The legs of the bed will be adjusted automatically and a bed will be ready to use.

To convert it back into a sofa, the procedure is the opposite. Just lift the mattress a little and the folding system will introduce it inside the furniture and place the cushions in place, you will have a piece of furniture to enjoy the day’s activities.

Depending on the space you have at home, you can choose to buy a sofa bed of two or three places. Keep in mind that the bigger the furniture, the heavier it will be. It will not be easy to change it or load it to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner throughout the furniture and, if it is not used frequently, open the mattress to eliminate dust and avoid odors. The external part can be cleaned with special products that exist in the market, depending on the type of material in which it is upholstered.

Remember; always use a soft, clean cloth to prevent damage to the fabric or leather. In the metallic parts, it is advisable to lubricate them so that they do not get stuck and keep their movement. This procedure can be done twice a month or as often as necessary, use specific products for upholstery.

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