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A DFS Sofa, synonymous of quality

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The sofa is the preferred seat for leisure time as a family or to receive friends with all the hospitality they deserve, the most important furniture in the home and one of the most used. In the purchase decision of our sofa, various elements to consider such as the size, the materials with which it was made, the design, the upholstery, the colors, etc. But one of the factors that we must take into account to ensure quality is the furniture store or the brand, a reliable establishment that allows us to acquire a durable sofa and that suits our needs.

This time we want to talk about DFS Furniture, a retail company of English origin founded in 1969 and dedicated to the furniture sector. His specialty is the commercialization of sofas and armchairs. It owns more than a hundred establishments only in the United Kingdom and is also present in Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain. In its country of origin, it is the second company that sells the most furniture, (the first is Ikea) so it can be assumed that the quality of its products is optimal. In addition to having a very large catalog of furniture, the company ensures you get the DFS sofa that best suits your finances, as their prices are the most competitive.

If you prefer and for your convenience, you can make your purchases through the internet, because there are many online furniture stores that offer DFS sofas as an integral part of their product offerings. The company is not only responsible for the marketing of sofas, but also for their design. Being an important brand and with so many years of experience in the furniture market, finding one that satisfies our personal preferences is a less complicated task since a DFS sofa is a guarantee of quality.

Because they are responsible for the manufacture and design of the furniture, they offer the option to customize the sofa of your choice. To add benefits and improve the customer experience, DFS stores also offer the transport and installation service of the furniture, so the customer should not worry about any detail, from the moment you make the purchase, to the moment where you start to enjoy your new sofa in your living room.

The company has stated on countless occasions that all consumers will be able to experience excellent value for money when purchasing any product of the brand. Therefore, when it comes to making the investment that means buying a new sofa, it is important and smart to opt for brands that guarantee that we are acquiring a piece of furniture for a lifetime.

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