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A Cheap Chesterfield sofa will turn your living room in a magic place

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A Cheap Chesterfield sofa will turn your living room in a magic place

The Chesterfield or Chester sofa was born thanks to the need that the statesman and diplomat Count Philip Stanhope had for the gentlemen to show correct positions during the meetings of knights that took place during the 19th century in the duchy of Chesterfield. The count supposed that the gentlemen of the sophisticated London clubs should maintain an upright posture in order to wear the clothes of the time impeccable or adopt movements or inappropriate positions, and decided to entrust the elaboration of a sofa that would fulfill its mandates.

This is how a cabinetmaker named Adam makes a refined sofa with the armrest and backrest at the same height and elegant leather upholstery with buttons, becoming even the first sofa with a quilted or padded design.

To speak of a Chesterfield sofa is to speak of quality and elegant traditional English design. These sofas are recognized throughout the world for their beauty and magnificent craftsmanship. They are one of the British pieces with more luxury and distinction.

These sofas are unmistakable due to their peculiar and very marked characteristics:

– The armrests have a snail shape and are at the same height as the backrest, unlike the rest of the sofas that the backrest is above the arms.

– The legs are made of wood with a very short length, besides being turned. Although going with the modernization there are manufacturers that have supplanted them by wheels so that they are easier to move.

– The upholstery of the Chesterfield sofa backrest is padded with a series of buttons distributed in a geometric shape, which offers a very comfortable appearance.

– The material used is leather, leather and other different fabrics of high quality. Previously only leather was used in three shades: brown, green or garnet.

This excellent sofa is one of the most sought-after in the world, not only for its elegance but also for being a sofa whose design has become a timeless style, which means that it never went out of fashion and its value will not diminish with over the years.

It is true that many dreams of having a chesterfield, but they cannot always because due to the complexity of their manufacture have prices that can go over the budget, and much more if we want leather like the original Chesterfield.

When it comes to budget there are many manufacturers of these sophisticated sofas that find ways to offer a model Chesterfield sofa cheap without distorting its quality, with good materials and finishes, and not only sofas but have diversified into the armchairs , armchairs and even office chairs that also offer elegance and style to the place where it is placed.

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