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3 Seater Sofa

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The traditional 3 Seater Sofa

It is very common that before going to buy a sofa, the question arises whether to buy two or three pieces, for this you must take into account primarily the size of your room, so you will avoid problems later, and secondly you must have to consider the number of members of your family.

If your family is not large and your room lacks a large space, then surely this option is for you. The 3-piece sofas are ideal for those small or medium-sized rooms since their size oscillates around 2 meters in length without including the armrests that can sometimes measure about 20 cm.

You must also take into account, what utility you will give your sofa is not the same place it in your marriage room in the game room of the children of the house; Depending on it you can choose different types of upholstery. You can decide if you should bring stuffed or not because they are a very important factor since they give a very cozy look and give you more comfort when you sit on it. The fillings can be feathers, foam or a perfect combination of both. But as for the sofa, there are cotton canvases, couches, synthetic fibers, leather and synthetic leather. Or you could opt for a removable sofa, perfect for you if you have children in your home and you should wash the fabrics and keep them always impeccable because the maintenance of your sofa would be simpler and cheaper.

Despite being a relatively small sofa, some designs and models include sofa-bed, being the best alternative and solution for times of trouble in which you have visits from some friends or family, they have that double function of giving me in addition to a comfortable seat, it can also become a bed comfort without any problem, they are more modern and practical designs, which increases their demand in the market more and more.

Color is a very important choice. Basically, all the decoration of the room will fall on the sofa, if you are thinking about disguising the wear in the future, you can lean on the prints, visually hide it very well. But if you want something more elegant, you can choose the dark and neutral colors, they will give that minimalist touch to your living room

It is ideal for those couples, mostly newly married, who hardly want to furnish their house or apartment. In any corner perfectly fits this type of sofa, you can several placements in different points, and move them from the place.

So if you have a medium or small house or apartment and you do not know how to equip your room, do not worry, you have that alternative of being able to buy a 3-seater sofa without taking up much space in your living room, you can give yourself all that comfort and comfort you need, it is more practical and you can change it wherever you want. You can choose among their numbers designs, colors, and models and if you also want to become a bed, you can also get it without having to buy another sofa.

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