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2 Seater Leather Chesterfield Sofas

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Chesterfield Sofas: Add Style to Your House!

This model of sofas is a clear example of how a classic can be renewed and look modern. Or you can keep your style more classic, without losing an apex of contemporaneity.

Legend has it – as such we can not guarantee what it really has and what of invention – that back in the nineteenth century, a sophisticated and refined English count did not finish accepting the wrinkles that were made in his elegant suits when he sat on the sofas of the English club that attended to talk and to drink whiskey.

He decided to find a solution and commissioned a cabinetmaker of his confidence to make a seat that would guarantee him to remain in a posture upright, perfect; without a wrinkle in his jacket. Between them, they devised a sofa with identical height for back and arms. And it seems that this was exactly how they wanted it. And of course, they gave him the name of the seat in question: Chesterfield.

In leather or textile, the Chesterfield sofa is a safe bet. More than a century later, this famous sofa is still in full force. Although now, sometimes, it is denominated to him – in the informal plan – Chester. But the characteristics are, in essence, the same as then: short wooden legs and turned, sometimes with wheels; slightly rounded shape on the back; upholstered in capitoné in the backrest …

But of course, it is also not a matter of not having a single change. The passage of time has to ‘do yours’. And he has, but for the better – at least that seems to us. Firstly, you have to love the two-seat sofa called ‘Hudson’. We can find it upholstered in an elegant fabric of Villandry that moves away much of the traditional leather in dark brown. Although also available in leather, for those attached to the classic.

Of course, you can also find it with Rochester model, only available in that material. That yes, dyed in different tones and also in natural leather, broken white and six more shades.

The broken white upholstery adds a modern touch to Chesterfield. With a rather more renewed look, it stands out for its handmade finishes with burlap and upholstery nails nailed individually. As well as the internal structure is seen from solid pine wood and aged beech. A delicious classic renovated in broken white.

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