Chesterfield Sofa

2 Seater Chesterfield Sofas

2 Seater Chesterfield Sofa
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Refined Furniture – The Chesterfield Sofa

Among the design myths, the Chester sofa is the desired piece. The origin of the sofa design Chester has several theories. What is clear is that it was the Earl of Chesterfield, who commissioned him to a prestigious cabinetmaker personally to be able to place him in social clubs for gentlemen of the time. Some documents situate history in the eighteenth century and others in the nineteenth century.

What is clear is that the Earl of Chesterfield asked the cabinetmaker a sofa where the gentlemen could sit comfortably without bad postures. As we know, the Chester sofa is characterized by several elements, including having the backrest and armrests on the same level. That allows you to have a straight back and not adopt bad postures or inappropriate movements without giving up comfort.

The cabinetmaker, who is said to be called Adam, designed a leather sofa with buttons, giving rise to the captain. It was the first fully upholstered sofa, a very original thing at the time. The Chester sofa has become a classic British symbol luxury design.

What was once a status symbol of the elite is now a much sought after accessory for the modern home or business. Regardless of the story, Chesterfield sofas will forever remain as the epitome of luxury, class, and style. Nowhere will you find a more recognizable and timeless example of furniture. The Chesterfields have appeared on blogs and home decor magazines for the last few decades, some really classic and some re-imagined mid-century or more modern styles like the 2 seater chesterfield sofas. The old was new. Adopted by antiquities enthusiasts looking for a retro look, but also by rock and pop groups, the vintage icon is reborn in a wide range of editions: classic, limited, revised, personalized … with leather or velvet and in colors like white, hot pink, silver, gold.

Many dreams of a Chester, but sometimes the price can out of the budget, especially if we want leather as the original.

So we want to present a new product available on the web: low-cost Chester sofa. Far from looking like an imitation, the low-cost Chester sofa is crafted and used in many luxury hotels to create its chillout areas. In fact, it was the furniture chosen for the Cannes Film Festival. Since its launch, it has impacted consumers by its quality and its resemblance to the original fact that has earned it several awards.

The sofa is available as a sofa or armchair and in several colors: white, black or gray midnight. Its handling is easy and comes with a bag to keep it without problems with your cushions and your electric inflator.

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